High Temperature Filtration Fabrics

AFG, USA is an exclusive supplier of filter fabrics manufactured by Sinoma, a leader in research and development of filter fabrics and largest manufacturer of filter fabrics in the Asia-Pacific region.  We are the only manufacturers of fiberglass filter fabrics who draw their own yarn, then weave their yarn, and coat it for the filter bag manufacturers. AFG, USA also supplies PPS, P-84, and Polyester filter media.  Our filter fabrics have gone through stringent EPA testing (test reports are available upon request).

AFG, USA's fiberglass filter fabrics are high-temperature resistant and used in power generation plants, steel mills, petrochemical refineries, cement and asphalt production facilities and other industries where emission and dust control are imperative.  Our high temperature filter fabrics are designed to customer specifications, helping you meet stringent environmental regulations, in a cost-effective manner.  Besides offering competitive pricing, AFG, USA also offers excellent logistical support, and supply-chain security for its customers.