Silica Fabrics

Previously known as the "miracle fabric," silica fabric has a temperature rating of approximately 1,800 °F and is used extensively inside aircraft cabins, in nose-cone of aircraft, and even in space vehicles. Silica fabric currently available in USA is made of E-glass fiberglass. However, silica fabric made from E-glass is very brittle, falls apart easily, and is incapable of servicing the aerospace or space industry.

Through its diligent efforts, AFG, USA is now able to provide silica fabric with excellent thermal insulation while maintaining its structural integrity (is NOT brittle) and resists temperatures in excess of 1,800 °F. AFG’s silica fabric has high silica content, BEFORE processing, and; therefore, retains exponentially higher strengths than E-glass silica fabrics.

Atlanta Fiberglass can provide 80%, 96% and 98.5% silica fabrics at 18 osy (ounces/square yard), 27 osy, and 36 osy. AFG can also supply these fabrics pre-shrunk. Our silica fabrics are ideal for aerospace and space applications, and are used in nuclear reactors, petrochemical refineries, steel, and glass plants. AFG also supplies high-temperature welding curtains/blankets for shipyards and other high-end thermal insulation requirements.

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Silica Fabric Video

The video below illustrates the resiliency of the silica fabric when subjected to a pointed, 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit blue flame.
Salient points to note in this video include:
  • Length of time the flame is continuously on the fabric
  • The fact that there is no burn-through despite the long exposure to the blue flame
  • No smoking occurs when the fabric is exposed to such harsh temperatures

The fabric in this video is 1000 gsm, 98.5% Silica Fabric.

Click Here to watch the video on YouTube.