About AFG

"Collaborate, Innovate, Succeed...to make AFG, USA the standard by which others will be measured" -- AFG's Mission Statement

Atlanta Fiberglass, USA (AFG, USA) is a global company that, along with its strategic partners, manufactures, markets, and sells high quality fiberglass fabrics for electronic, industrial, food, and automotive applications.  AFG, USA also supplies glass fabrics for the filtration and aerospace industries. AFG, USA manufactures nonwoven fiberglass mat (needle mat) in USA and markets high performance silica fabrics.

From humble beginnings of trading fiberglass fabrics, to manufacturing and distributing high quality, price-competitive products to Fortune 500 companies, AFG, USA has thrived by meeting its customers’ demands. We cater to the specific needs of industries ranging from high temperature performance to strict adherence of environmental regulations. Through diligent efforts, research and development, and strategic alliances with glass manufacturer leaders, AFG, USA provides fabrics and composites at very competitive prices. We supply fiberglass products to the nuclear industry, petrochemical refineries, as well as the aerospace industry. AFG, USA is committed to its customers and works closely with each customer and supplier to offer products that outperform expectations.

AFG, USA can source and manufacture all forms of fiberglass, aramid, and other synthetic woven and nonwoven products that are:

  • Delivered “Just-In-Time”
  • Technically feasible
  • Competitively priced

Our corporate office is located at:

1080 Powers Place,
Alpharetta, GA 30009
770-667-5066 (phone)
770-667-5568 (fax)